Oda al libro

(ode to the book)


Mis ojos abren

con tus manos guiandome

las manos que me entran a otro mundo,

otra vida donde hay

un lugar major

y un lugar peor.


Batallas con mi mente

esas palabras que tratan de empujarme a veces

y atras de ellas hay una imagen

y ahora

no quiero irme a la realidad.


Ya paraste

y ahora te veo

veo que tu eres vida

vida que se queda con uno para siempre.


Veo un paraiso

donde todos rien y comen.

Veo una prision

donde sangran y mueren.

Pero no cierro mis ojos.

Quiero ver mas.


Ahora you toco.


Toco los arboles, el cielo,

la serpiente, la arena.

Me cambian.


Cuando derrumban tus barrios de palabras

ven adentro de ti.

. .

Los quien siguen darte aranazos

no paran y no paran

hasta que dejes que te vean.


Todos ven cosas diferentes,

cosas que ellos pueden entender

pero que no pueden creer.


Ya llega el fin

y entras un mensaje adentro de nosotros,

algo que todos podemos entender juntos.

“Sigan descubriendome”.



The Promise of the Future

In this day and age there is so much discouragement in the world. Failure and the fear of failure can sometimes take over someone’s every thought. Every day it gets harder and harder for a lot of people to think positively. After all, the society that we live in is certainly flawed. The pressure to conform and succeed can be overbearing, and that is something that almost anybody can recognize.

I cannot speak on behalf of the entire world. I know that everybody has their own troubles and things that they are struggling to get through, and I recognize that some people have been given a troubling life. So, while I cannot speak about the struggles of life on behalf of the entire world, I do think that I can speak some words of advice that I tend to follow when things seem to be getting tough. My advice, whether you choose to follow it or not, is to always think of the future.

The promise of the future is a powerful thing. The future promises me a life of happiness and love and success. And I realize that these things are things that I must work and struggle for, but the promise that these things will come is enough for me to want to work for them. When I’m having a particularly rough day or I’m stressed out of my mind, the promise of a day where there is no more frustration or tension is enough to make me feel better.

It’s hard for me to say whether this would work for others besides me, but I think it has potential. There are tons of people around the world, some suffering from depression and others struggling with the extreme reality of poverty, that fail to see any hope in life. But imagining the future- the happiness and joy that one could achieve, could be enough to get someone to try. To try and find a job or to follow their dreams or to push through the bad or to do whatever it is that they need to do to reach their successful future. It is the promise of better days that brings me, and hopefully others, positivity.




It just sits there

Mocking you.

Always gets in your face,

Just like the school bully.

Controls your everyday life

Like a crazy tyrant.


You can’t let it get a hold of you,

Or it will take control.

And then you’ll be blind

To the world and it’s splendors.

Always afraid, always cowering behind it,

Like a scared pup behind it’s mother.


“You’re pathetic!” It tells you.

“You can’t do that!” It commands.

“You’re fine alone anyway!” It lies.

And that’s all it does.


Lies about your abilities.

Lies about your looks.

Lies about your friends.

Lies lies lies.


There will come a time

When you must break it’s shell.

Prove you’re stronger than it.

You control it now.

You overcome its lies.


You leave it there

For it to slowly wither away.

A shadow of what you once were.

All that’s behind you now.

It does not have you chained anymore.

You have won. You are free.